QA/TESTER, Artist and Teacher

For me, life is an island of knowledge, surrounded by the sea of the unkown. I learn now, I learn always.

Hello there, glad you are here!

My name is Henrique Mergulhão, I do love tecnology, arts and human science! I've worked as a QA/TESTER for over than 10 years, learning and teaching non stop, and here I intent to show a little bit about what I can do, be my guest to look around!



I'm absolutelly passionate about this craft, as my avatar and the name of the website might show, I feel like a true detective!


  • Exploratory Testing

  • Risk Based Testing

  • Scripted Testing

  • Automation

    Cypress - Playwright - Robot Framework - Appium - Rest Assured

  • Methodologies

    Holistic Testing - Rapid Software Testing - Context-Driven Testing - Scrum - Kanban - unFix - Management 3.0

  • Other stacks

    SQL - K6 - Postman - JavaScript - Python



Art is an absolutelly important part of my life, it is really a great craft to improve my creativity.

What I have done:

  • Drama

    Acted for 7 years in many plays, reason why automation with Playwright had a special feeling.

  • Plastic Arts

    Painting - Sculpting - Sewing, Modeling - Etc.



I genuinely care about people, and enjoy helping them work on their craft.

Where it happens:

  • Agile Testing Fellow

    Giving classes to QAs and Tech People of all kinds of seniority

  • Baker Street Tests

    Training sand giving speaches, about Quality and Tests, for companies.

  • Events/Conferences

    Giving speaches in events and conferences, as: The Dev Conference, Universities and so on.

Languages (human ones)

Portuguese - Native | English - Advanced (C2) | Spanish - Intermediate